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The Woods family puts an emphasis on detail work. Each little rabbit has its own personality: one prays, another seems to have an arrogant attitude, another looks a little surprised.

The white pig stares, the green rooster crows, and the brown hen broods. Look some more, and you’ll see pensive frogs, smiling dogs, and playful squirrels and kittens.

The vases – also created in Dogwood Brown, Dirty Jade, Bayou Blue, and their newest Cotton White – show meticulous detail with attractive lines. Some are whimsical, others more staid. Lidded varieties of bowls and canisters incorporate the charming animal figures in their lids.

Crafted with clay from Louisville and Columbus (the “Mississippi mud”), the pottery is not just beautiful, it’s also functional. Everything is safe in the oven and the dishwasher. You’ll love their square plates, ready to mix or match.

The potters introduce three or four new pieces each year. Some come from requests, and some are just what the Woods brothers like. They’re open to change, but they also make sure that their new designs go with the pieces their collectors already have.

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